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5 Essential Elements For lic online

lic online payment provided on this webpage/Web page is just for the objective of general information & understanding of The subject.

My policy number is 705371691. I’m looking ahead to my bonus amount. The LIC officer instructed me which the checque has actually been sent to my dwelling deal with on 24th June however, i’m nonetheless still to generally be gained the cheque.

LIC’s Top quality Waiver Rider is out there underneath the LIC kid program which guarantees waiver of future premiums in case of Demise of your proposer

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two hundred. This subsidized solution is mainly to assist rural men and women to acquire a primary insurance plan for initial aid in their people while in the policy holders absence. This merchandise is out there with primary eligibilities and documentation.

The up-up to now NAV of various LIC plans is supplied With this website. Just multiply it with the amount of models ( refer online assertion) to calculate The existing policy value.

six. Should you be a new consumer, find LIC online payment new consumer solution and fill the registration variety.

This can be a rider than can be utilized to generate an entire insurance policies policy to achieve the many benefits of a expression insurance coverage policy with a slightly bigger top quality.

For device joined programs, the NAV applicable are going to be determined by the date and time when HDFC Lifestyle gets the payment subject matter on the Lower-off regulations accompanied by HDFC Life in accordance with IRDAI. The existing cut-off timing for the same day’s NAV is 3 p.m. IST.

- Existence insurance policy merchandise are created extensively available all over India, specifically in the rural and backward areas and for that socially and economically deprived phase.

Before you can open a LIC file, You will need to determine which kind of file the LIC file extension refers to.

No ought to enter your policy amount. You can just select the policy out of your list of enrolled policies to pay a premium. In this article goes the online quality payment treatment for registered consumer.

A. If you wish to pay for the rates throughout the agent, ensure that you'll be drawing a cheque during the title of the business in addition to Be certain that you get the receipt with the insurance provider.

two. Because of this, dwelling webpage will be displayed around the display screen. In that, you'll be able to see Online Solutions segment about the remaining aspect of the home page as revealed beneath.

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